Monday, May 15, 2006


According to my records, the last time I ran outdoors was April 23rd! Must have been when it first started getting hot. Been going to the gym much more since.

The gym I go to, is in Tsimsi. I signed up for life membership last summer. It's quite a big place but at this branch, they only have group exercises during lunch time and from 5:30 pmonwards. Which probably explains why it's often fairly deserted whenever I go. On the free weights floor you get all the muscle men doing their "whoosh whoosh!", and the cardio sections are generally dotted with half hearted attempts of self-improvement. Nothing much happens, really. Is what I'm trying to say.

Today, in the changing room, I saw this woman did something I'd never seen before. She's a fairly large woman, I would guess in her late 40s or early 50s, long straight hair down to her ass. She was behind me, in the area where people dry their hair and put their make up on. It was just me and her. She had her flesh coloured bra and matching knickers on. "Full briefs", they were.

She started by drying her hair with a hair dryer. Flipping, flicking, bending, turning, very agile she was. After a minute or so, she picked up a second hair dryer and had them both working on her hair. Shaking her head all the while. At this point, I turned round to dart her a sightly irritated look since she was blasting hot air all over my fully-dressed self.

But, she didn't notice me at all. What with her hair covering her face and all.

By this time I was looking at her reflection from the mirror in front of me. Slightly mesmerised. Next, she switched off one of the hair dryers, and proceeded to pull her bra forward with one hand, and pointed the other dryer down her cleavage! After a minute or so of this, she pulled the front of her knickers forward and started drying her, er, crotch. Legs wide apart and slightly bent and everything. Then, the procedure is repeated with her ass, during which she did a little dance number, darting from one foot to another. By this time I was totally staring. She still didn't seem to notice me at all.

A couple more minutes later, being satisfied with how dry she was, she picked up the second dryer again and returned to pointed them both to her head.

I wonder if this is something she does at home, too?


Anonymous said...

Agreeably grotesque as this is, I have a small quibble. Gymnastics and gym have the same etymological root. Gym is just an abbreviation of gymnasium, which is exactly where gymnastics occur. So the play on words implied by the hyphen and exclamation point in the entry's title doesn't really exist. Essentially I'm calling you on a false pun. Please see me after class.

I must get out more.

Pierre said...

Play on words huh... false pun...hmmmm... yes. I see. Point taken. Point about how you should get out more, mate.