Sunday, May 21, 2006

French funk

A bit of a disaster at last Wednesday's exam. Our department's clerk had made a mistake and as a result, two different versions of the paper had been given out to students, something we only realized towards the end of the exam. It's not really such a big deal, in my view. One version has one more choice in the essay section than the other. So it's choose one out of five rather than four. Plenty enough choice for anyone who'd bothered enough to revise for the exam.

Still, only received 21 complaints by email so far. Which is fair enough, for a class of 118. I'd responded prompted, politely, and reasonably. I've already marked all the essays and I'm offering those who think they'd been disadvantaged (or "exploited", as one gigantic baby puts it) very good options to make up for the blunder.

Apart from this, I've been hit by a bug and suffered mildly from sore throat and general tiredness. It's actually the drugs that are making me feel worse. So far I have had to sleep for two hours everytime I take the pills. For a day like today, it's not such a bad thing since the weather's been absolutely horrible. Just like England. Might as well sleep.

Went to see the French "funk master" Sinclair last night. What? You'd never heard of him? Well me neither! I reckoned someone who is acknowleged (by the French population, albeit) as the funk master can't be that bad, right? If you had listened to French hip hop, you would know that it is, er, very French. Well French funk is very French, also.

He looks like a cross between Martin Short and Gary Oldman, and is capable of "throwing some bad shapes" (this is how O describes American Idol Taylor Hicks). I'm also quite convinced that he used to go to mime school or used to be a clown, before becoming the master of funk. Hat-wise he wears a red stripey fisherman's hat - nothing huge nor furry like that other funky white boy Jay Kay. So anyway, if he comes to a town near you, you'd know what to expect.

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