Thursday, April 20, 2006

I rest my case

Just been through a four hour interview session of five candidates, for two teaching jobs in our department. The candidates:

Number one acted as if she don't care
Number two really stood out, best interview performance
Number three has the highest qualifications
Number four broke down in tears, worst interview performance
Number five is not qualified (not until July anyway, if she gets it)

The last two are graduates and current postgrad students in our department.
So guess who was hired? And how do you spell nepotism again?

I feel that the time I spent reading through the pile of applications, narrowing them down to four (I did not short list neither numbers four nor five), and the last four hours in that meeting room, were wasted. Why bother advertising if you are going to operate a sheltered workshop.


Anonymous said...

Santa Claus operates a sheltered workshop (those elves are clearly keeping it in the family) and if it's good enough for Santy it's good enough for me. Course, his workshop has to be sheltered. It's cold there.

Obviously this is poor material; I just want you to know you have a reader.

Pierre said...

God bless and keep 'em coming! Things can only get better....