Monday, February 20, 2006

Need relaxation club

On Saturday, I blew up, in front of my kids, at McDonald's. Over an arsehole who behaved in a completely unreasonable and certainly unncessarily hostile way, when I asked if the seat next to him was taken. After asking him three times if the seat was taken, and after each time he responded by staring at me as if I just insulted his mother, he accuse me of asking him too "rudely" so "why should I answer you" What the fuck is wrong with these people! It's MacDonald's for fuck's sake!

Just now, I blew up again, at a student, asking to change his tutorial class, because he cannot get on with his presentation partner, who is an exchange student from the mainland. I tried to explain to him. I tried to teach him something about life, about facing up to wankers and arseholes, about acting like a man. He's a fucking pussy. He was nagging nagging whinging whining. So I raised my voice at him. I tried to apologize afterwards, thinking I should do the right thing, but his attitude was so unspeakably shit he didn't even had the courtesy to listen to my fucking apology.

I get more shaken by incidents like these than I should be. I can't stop replaying them in my head and thinking about alternative scenarios and stuff I'd said and stuff they said etc. I positively hate these exchanges. Some people are incomprehensible to me. Which is fine, I guess. But I hate they way they tip my balance. It takes me ages to get over stuff like this.


Jamie said...

Heh heh heh. Today I almost battered some annoying punk on the train for treating the whole carriage to his annoying Cantopop ringtone at max volume for minuts on end, while he glared around junior-hard-man style daring someone to say something. He wilted a little when I did say something. But I've been agonising over it all day. i'm saying I know the feeling.

Pierre said...

What did you say to him? Did you insult his mother?
Well at least it's unlikely you'll see this guy again. Me on the other hand has to teach this loser for the rest of the term!

Jamie said...

I yelled, from my seat, in English, "Turn that fucking shit off!" And when he did, but then told his friends that I was a "sor hai" I dropped my book on the florr and walked up to him and asked him to repeat it. And blah blah blah...same old weary story.

Pierre said...

Well, "silly cunt" is not much of an insult. Annoying punk in question obviously a child at heart really.

Anonymous said...

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