Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Day

I could have died today. Exactly three hours and twenty-nine minutes ago.

That bus was inches away from hitting me, and if it had hit me, if I hadn't made the split second decision to step on the gas, I was thinking, I would have been hit hard on my side, my spine would probably suffer badly if not snap right into two, my right arm would definitely have broken, my right leg rendered useless, et cetera.

As my car sped away, I could feel all my blood draining from my head, from my arms, straight to my feet. Hot tears rolled down my face and I couldn't even think why.

My prayers have been answered, again. God has been giving me many signs, one after the other, exactly at times when I needed them the most. I can't ignore them anymore.

That was after I dropped the boys and B off in Sai Kung. And I thought, if I had died, they would only learn that probably upon their return tomorrow.

I escaped death, more than once. My life is given to me unconditionally, and I have been spared death time and time again.

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