Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last day of 2005

Started with a sore throat on Tuesday, developed into me blowing out green bits from my nose this morning. Can't tell if I'm getting better or worse; green bits seem to be gone now but I'm very tired and feeling generally run down.

Marking is nearing it's end, with another fifty or so SSC112 essays to go and it'll be all done. These are easy though, for some reason these year one scripts seem better written than the SOC319 ones. Although there are still a few idiots who don't look at the question at all, and instead of choosing one out of a, b, and c, answered all three. A couple didn't mark down whether it was a, b or c that they were answering, and I had to bloody GUESS. What's wrong with these people?

Am listening to Radiohead's The Bends. As you may or may not know, they are an Oxford band. My friend Owen used to go to uni with front man Thom York. Thom York and his ladyfriend once sat a couple of rows behind me in a cinema in Oxford. Small world.

Speaking of celebs, someone told me on New Year's Even that Andy Lau, HK superstar extraordinaire etc., used to consume One Million Dollars' worth of cocaine each month. Do you find that hard to believe? Andy Lau? All round good guy good son good boyfriend model citizen was/is a coke head? It's a shame that million won't be tax-free... but then again since he owns his own production companies I'm sure that'd be somehow written off as, quite legitimately, expenses.

B and the monkeys are supposed to go camping tomorrow in Tai Long Wan. I had said I would go with them. But increasingly I'm leaning towards not going. For one, I'd be the only female there. Not that it really matters but I think all participants concerned might have a better time without me. The boys in particular, could look back on it as their first initiation into male-dom. Running wild, eating raw, sleeping rough, peeing free, face to face with the elements, etc. It might be good for them. Also, I quite like the idea of having the whole day all to myself - I can sleep till late, run, watch VCDs, drink beer, et. cetera. It might be nice, or well, it might be depressing. In any case it will certainly be something I can't remember the last time I did similar.

In any case, good bye 2005. Hello 2006.

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