Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Exciting times

I've got the mammoth task of about a hundred essays to mark before Friday. I've lost the ability to discern crap from crappier long ago. What amazes me is somehow the better students still manage to appear on the top of the pile when all the marks are tallied. Structure in the midst of randomness. It's nothing less than divine intervention.


The cold has arrived, finally. Very exciting. I remember when it started getting warm earlier this year, around April, and running was becoming increasingly painful in the humid hot air. Strangely enough I kind of miss the heat.

I am contemplating joining the HKLRRC's Wednesday night training sessions in the Shatin tracks. It's a bit scary, of course, since I don't know anyone in that group and there are lots of really good runners there. I'm quite convinced I'll be the slowest and least fit of the lot. But again I am increasingly getting the feeling that I am ready to train to run faster. It's such a breeze now to run my usual out and back to the waterfront and to Kadoorie. I don't really have a good excuse to not push myself and “take it to the next level”, as Tyra would have it.

Right now I'm listening to radio 45, and they are closely connected to radio 71, on which I had made an appearance a month or so ago. Now it's a bunch of guys chatting about local politics. It's pretty banal stuff in terms of the contents, but the idea of it, I still manage to find deeply moving. The HK Economic Journal today *leaked* that the powers that be up there in the PR of C are willing to have 2017 as the deadline when a fully representative government will be in place in HK, if the pan-democratic camp will accept it and not further mobilize more people to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Exciting times, innit.

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Jamie said...

If your body is telling you to run faster, listen to it... Start with aerobic repetitions, 400m and get your breath back before you start the next one...