Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Modern life is rubbish II

Just wrote an email to the KCR to complain about these annoying tv consoles they have installed in the east rail trains. Those buggers are so fucking loud I can't even hear myself fart, or anyone else fart, for that matter, let alone hear myself think. One doesn't always hear oneself fart, I admit. Especially if your nose is quite far up, I mean away, from your ass. But still. TV noise in public transport shouldn't be so loud that I couldn't hear myself fart. It is practically a violation of basic human rights goddamit.

I worked up to such a rage today. I was trying to nap, but couldn't; I tried to read, but couldn't; tried to listen to my MP3, but battery ran down. All I could do was stare at the fucking TV screen in rage, and pathetically looking to other passengers for moral support. How sad is that huh?

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