Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Chiropracting - science or art?

Went to Balance again last Friday to have my coccyx looked at, yeah, seven months after the fall! It hasn't really been bothering me much and I only wanted to have it checked out because of cycling. Karla just had surgery on her knee and said she couldn't bear weight on her leg, so she asked if it is okay for Victor to see me instead. Whilst I was there I asked him to have a look at my right shoulder too which also hurt when I swim or lift weights.

He said my shoulder was turned forward and upwards because of two muscles in spasm; My hip bones were both shifted upwards and the movement that was supposed to be there wasn't, and my coccyx was shifted to the right and sticking out more than it should. An hour and twenty minutes later that was all fixed.

I am still amazed by this type of chiropractors who sort out your bone problems with no twisting or cracking and it doesn't hurt one bit! In fact, I was so relaxed as Victor was treating me that I fell asleep, and woke up with these towel marks all over my face looking like a mildly disfigured lunatic.

So I went to the spinning class again yesterday and my butt didn't seem to hurt as nearly as much. In fact, it didn't really hurt at all!

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Anonymous said...

Science, art, or witchcraft? Heh heh. I think this Victod one inject you with morphine as you slumber, that's why no pain ha ha. Wait till it wears off.