Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Everyday madness

Just back from another AAF meeting on the female sexuality survey. You know how sometimes a bunch of people sat together and thought hey this is a GREAT idea! Let's do this. And after this is done, they all sat round the same table again and go okay, what now. That's what we did tonight.

But this is not what I really want to write about tonight. I want to tell you about this guy in the KCR on my way home. I was reading a book and minding my own business. As the train reached Fo Tan station this young guy, overweight, looking kinda dirty, jumped up from his seat and dashed towards the door right where I was leaning against. He looked frantic. As if he just remembered something very important and was going to get out or something. He pressed his face against the door as if trying to look out. Then he stuck his hand down his ass and started scratching. Then retrieved his hand and sniffed it. By this time he was getting some pretty horrified looks from fellow passengers. Then he started dashing around the carriages, I mean literally dashing, from one door to the other. He was about 1 meter away from me and I was thinking should I move. I wasn't scared but I didnt' want him to come crashing onto me you know. Anyhow, he continued his madness and I continued pretending to read my book.

Then he got off at Taipo Market.

I was glad I didn't move away.

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