Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We'll see about that...

Three students from my Thursday evening class knocked on my door just now and I was slightly freaked out! wasn't expecting to see them here. I immediately thought shit, they're here to demand a make up class for the one I didn't show up for last week, due to a, you know, "personal emergency".

Turned out they just wanted to show me their presentation outline and I pretended to study it going "hmmmm.... okay.... this part... okay..." as I ran my index finger down the tightly packed grammatically incorrect bullet points. All the time I was thinking, should I volunteer to arrange for a make up class? Hoping that they would turn it down anyway? Should I????

I did eventually, being the coward that I am.

So, about that class last week where I couldn't come.... when would be a good day for a make up class?

They turned to look at one another, looking mildly startled.

Aiya, really need to have a make up class ar, aiya.
Oh, you don't want one?
No no no... of course we want one... it's just, er, hard to find the time.
I see. Which night would be good for you lot?
..... er......
You guys busy every night?
..... er.....
Okay, this is what I'll do, I'll email the class and see if we can arrange a time that suits everybody.
What if we can't?
Well... we'll see about that then.

Did I come out of that one well enough? I hope so.

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Jamie said...

Masterly command of the situation.