Monday, April 18, 2005

Good parenting

I wasn't as fucked up by my parents as I could have been, because my mum died when I was fourteen and my dad was never around. Not to say that I'm not fucked up or any less fucked up than the next person, you know.

Parents are powerful beings in that even if they are dead or never around, they still affect you in mysterious ways. You know, like, words come out of your mouth in ways that shock yourself cos they're exactly what your fucked up parents used to say to you when you were a child.

I have all that power in me also, power over my children. How can we not fuck up our own children short of going through a complete personality transformation ourselves? Having children really forces you - you who swear you will be better parents than your own - to become a better person. Some possible solutions for those of us who can't change a light bulb let alone their own personality:

1. Take acting classes
- Act according to the script "good sane parent" whenever your children are around

2. Get professional help
- Leave parenting to teachers, tutors, domestic helpers, you be the "friend"

3. Let your spouse do the disciplining
- You be the "friend"

4. Pray to God and ask for inner strength
- Doesn't look promising but probably the most realistic and cost effective

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