Friday, April 15, 2005

Rude loon ball strikes again

A couple of days ago, as I was getting ready to leave my office, a guy from the Economics department knocked on my door and said,"ah, you are here. Can I come in?" I said "Sure!"

I had co-taught a course with this guy before so I thought perhaps he wanted to talk to me about the course or something. Instead he just said

Can I use your computer?
Sure... yours not working?

The rude bastard didn't answer me. He just plonked his fat arse on my seat and started getting onto the CNN website. He typed the address wrong (how stupid can you be to type wrong) and exclaimed

Why! What's happening?
You typed it wrong. Here, let me...
Ah, here we go...
So your computer's not working?

Rude bastard completely ignored my question again.
What on earth was he playing at? I hear you ask. Well. Turns out there's this stupid poll on the CNN website asking the following question "Do you think Japan should be allowed as a permanent member of the UN security council?"

He used my computer to vote "No".

After he's done what he did, I was in utter shock

I'm sorry but you didn't ask me if I wanted to vote no!
Well, you would vote no right?
Sure... but...
Thanks! I'm going to knock on every door on this floor.

I was like, what the fuck? What the fuck just happened? Is he fucking insane?

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