Thursday, April 14, 2005

For the important things in life, I skive

Didn't go to the run last night even though I had spent over an hour studying the route as described by Keith and trying to match it up with the map. I even compared the street map with the surveyor's map and made enlarged photocopies of the route and highlighted it.

All set and ready to go but as the afternoon progressed I was feeling increasingly bleeeeuuuuurrrrgh. It was raining and only 16 degrees and I didn't quite feel like it anymore. I was also attacked by pangs of guilt about being out so many nights a week every week this term and only get to see the kids for about five ten minutes every morning. Of course it doesn't really make much of a difference to them whether I am there every night or not. Anyhow that's more or less what was going on in my head as I decided not to go.

So, to make up for being a fat lazy sod I ran up Kadoorie this morning in one hour twenty minutes, which was five minutes slower than the last time. I wore the new Mizunos bought at the soon to close 10K shop in Taipo for the first time and they felt good; they are much lighter than my other pair and I was surprised they were good even though the heels are quite low. I felt absolutely knackered afterwards and after my shower I had to lie down, smoke a cigarette and down a large glass of red wine. I fell asleep instantly. Upon waking up, I took J to his swimming lesson and by the time I got home it was already too late for me to prepare for the evening class.

So I cancelled the class. I feel bad about it, of course, and was kind of thinking about the 2xxx odd dollars that I am supposed to be getting paid for those three hours of work that I won't be doing. I have no intention of arranging for a make up class; that would be too painful! I hope they will either forget about it or deduct the 2xxx from my next pay cheque.

Those 2xxx actually would have paid for the three pairs of shoes, one top, one pair of shorts and a miniskirt that I bought yesterday. Oh well what the hell. Spending time with my kids are more important. Spending time sleeping and drinking is more important. Skiving and not feeling guilty afterwards is important too.

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