Friday, April 29, 2005

No gain no pain

I took Wednesday and Thursday off. Really needed to catch up on my sleep. It's hard for those who can do away with 6-7 hours a day to understand what it's like for me. Going to bed after midnight and being woken up at 7 each morning is just not a pattern I can sustain.

On Wednesday I just basically slept in the afternoon and then went for the run in the evening. I was late and was running on my own the whole time. Straight up to the Peak again this time; still every bit as painful as I had remembered it, and I had to walk a fair bit of it again but I can already see myself getting used to it. Then it was round Lugard road and along Barker Road, which I missed a turn for. I ended up going down and then up Old Peak Road again a coupld of times before I found Barker Road. It was nice and cool and there were no cars nor pedestrians along Barker. Then I went down Magazine Gap Road and back to the Squash Centre. I should have gone to Wanchai Gap and then down to Bowen Road. But my map had already disintegrated and I couldn't find my way.

It was good though. Quite a long run but I didn't feel particularly tired afterwards. It's quite amazing when I come to think about it. It was so painful at the time but I'd quite happily do it again.

Won't be able to do it next Wednesday night though cos of the sports course presentations. It'll be nice to run to Kadoorie and to the waterfront again - haven't done that in seemingly ages.

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