Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm a giant ass

Had my last yes LAST! evening class in Tsimsi last night and I can't say whether that or the climb up the Peak was more painful. The presentations were disappointing. Factual, descriptive, very little analysis. They seemed to have fun though, which is what really matters, I guess. As I sat through three hours of powerpoint slides I was thinking to myself perhaps letting them choose their own topics for presentation was a bad idea; perhaps modifying their topics by breaking them down into more specific questions would improve the quality.... Then I thought wait a minute, I'm not planning on doing this again next term am I? In which case it would be a waste of time to think about how the course could be improved.

Met with B for food and drinks after the class and we went to Knutsford Terrace. I was already very sleepy by then. So much so that I had to think hard when looking at the drinks list. I thought I might fall asleep in my seat should I order a cocktail. So I asked for a glass of water. But the waiter said "we only have Evian water. Is Evian water okay?" Being the cheapskate that I am, I said "No, Evian NOT okay. I'd rather drink beer than Evian". I started waking up a bit after Igot some of that spicy papaya salad down me. Over dinner I spent half the time bitching to B about how someone has been pissing me off recently. He was supportive as usual but I can't help feeling like a giant ass on reflection.

That papaya salad and the strangely coconutty Tom Yum Gung remained in my system until not very long ago. Man. Was I glad they got out.

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