Saturday, April 23, 2005

My blood boils again

I had a meeting with the speical issue editor of a journal today. It was mid January when I first submitted the paper; reviews were back by mid Feb, and I had all the revisions done by late March. Then the editor's sidekick asked me to do a number of other minor revisions again which I did again, to the dot. Then a couple of days ago, the editor, whom I know personally, said he'd like to speak to me about my paper etc. So I said okay, let's meet at three.

To accommodate this meeting I did my little run after swimming. Can't say which is harder - running before or after swimming. Both is just as knackering but if I run before, then when I'm in the pool I can take it easy. If I run after, I work harder in the pool but I can't slack off once I'm running. It's harder but hey no pain no gain.

Anyhow, back to this meeting. So, I ran after swimming so I wouldn't have to sit around with a couple of hours to kill. I was there spot on at three, and this scumbag didn't show up till half three, strolling in hands in trouser pockets STILL talking with the woman he was having a lunch meeting with. He apologised, pretended he thought our meeting was supposed to be at half three, etc. I knew he was pretending cos I am very good at telling these kind of things. Plus this guy is sooooo fuckin' insincere. He is sooooo full of himself he can't even hide it if he tries. It seeps through his pores. You can smell it. Quite disgusting, really.

The meeting was a waste of time. Waste of my time. I'm sure he got something out of it, though. He probably got something out of having me come in on a Saturday afternoon and waited for him for 30 whole goddam minutes. He used a RED pen to mark my paper. The same paper that has already been reviewed and revised according to the review and according to his very own post-reviewer comments also. A RED fucking pen! You think this is unprofessional? He underlined bits where I used the words "Given so" at the begining of a sentence. He wrote in the margin "single space!" yes with a fucking exclamation mark, when the APA style sheet clearly says use double space for all quotes. Putting question marks next to terms he didn't get cos he didn't bother to read the footnotes. And half his comments were in direct contradiction with that of the blind reviewers.

I guess the thing is, I did not write a paper and then chose to submit it to this journal. They asked me if I'd like to contribute a paper to this special issue. I did everything to the dot and here I am treated like a stupid undergraduate having a term paper graded.

He is an asshole.

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