Friday, April 22, 2005


Wednesday's run was truly painful to start with. All the way up to the Peak from the squash centre. I had to walk nearly all of the second half of it. I was certainly not the only one doing that but still I felt I could have done better. The run along Lugard Road was quite pleasant since it's all flat and you get a good view of the city. I could have run faster had I know exactly where the turn off to Hatton road is. Then onto a short trail and then it's all downhill from there.

Went to this pub in Wanchai after. Can't say it's a nice place. I'd be quite glad never to go there again. Cheap though. It was time to leave as underage drinkers started filling up the joint.

Yesterday was duty time at J's playgroup and now that two of the older boys have left for P1 the atmosphere is quite different. Some younger kids joined, all girls. One of them, Adele, is freaky. I mean, freaky compared to her peers not to, say, me. Her speech is atrocious - couldn't make out half of what she's saying - and she is quite ugly. Got a kind of a man's face if you can imagine that on a three year old girl wearing a pink dress. At snack time she giggled uncontrollably and flicked flaccid spaghetti all over the floor.

I thought I should have socialized a bit more with the other parents. Momoko's mum, in particular is very nice. I find her strangely endearing in the way that she puts way too much powder on her face. But I'm socially awkward amongst decent company.

After J and I got home we made sushi and he ate about 10 pieces of the stuff. Then we went to pick up O at the school and I stayed until they both finished their swimming classes, which was 5pm. Got home, smoked a fag and had a cup of tea, then it's time to set off for the much dreaded evening class in Tsimsi again.

Just as I was dreading the prospect of having to really give them a make up class, there was divine intervention - a student in one of the groups that was scheduled to do their presentation last night was ill and so they had to postpone. What this means is of course they will have to do their presentation next week and so I'll have no time to do the revision with them then as planned. During breaktime I went through a carefully orchestrated performance of arranging for a make up class. After tentatively agreeing on next Monday evening, I checked with the pasty faced student helper and found out that they couldn't book a room for that night. Then someone suggested - how about we just do the revision tonight since one of the groups couldn't do their presentation? I said, well..... They said, eagerly, yes, we just need to know what the exam questions are... I said, well.... They said, we don't really need a make up class. I said, well..... if you insist...

A result! I'd say.

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