Saturday, March 19, 2005

Stuart's back

Stuart from Belle & Sebastian has finally updated his diary after more than a month with nothing. He was rambling on a bit, mixing stories behind songs with reality. I don't know for sure but I guess quite a lot of popstars/celebrities keep blogs, but I'm not a fan of many popstarts/celebrities so when I read Stuart's diary it feels oddly close. When he does nice writing, it feels close in a nice way; when he rambles, it is not so nice.

Still, all blogs tell you something about the blogger. Bloggers

1. post links to what they think are interesting
2. give a run down of stuff they did that day
3. tell you how they feel
4. post photos they took

And then there are blogs which tell you very little personal about the blogger, but a lot about what they think about politics, the environment, etc. Some aim to impress you with their witticisms. Those are good when they make you laugh.

But very few bloggers (that's me included obviously) can write. It's easy to rant and bitch and say fucking this and that but to really write well on something mundane is quite a skill. Stuart is quite good at that but of course his life as the frontman of Belle & Sebastian gives a new take on the whole thing. But still.

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