Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So many morons everywhere

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I'm not one, I certainly could be and have been moronic on very many occasions....but I have been a city girl all my life and I certainly won't come to a standstill when I reach the top of the escalator, just so I could check which exit I'm heading for.

A sense of space is such an integral part of being a city person. Dodging people, dodging cars, making yourself annonymous, blending into the "urbanscape" as postmodern wankers like to call "it". Making yourself seem there but not quite there.

Is this the time of year where this happens more often than not? Are people so excited about the year of the big fat chicken/rooster/cock that they forgot they are living in a city? Where there are PEOPLE, LOTS of them, in front and behind and all around them? In a city like Hong Kong you just can't afford to stop in the middle of the street... you either get trampled upon or sworn at or run over. In the past couple of days I kept bumping into people, and yes I mean LITERALLY, who seem to have no idea they are in HONG KONG, a goddam city if there ever is one, who would just fucking stop in the middle of the most unlikely places, whilst I was right behind them. Still, the most amazing thing about all this is that when I opened my mouth to swore at them, complete with hand gestures and very nearly actually hitting them, they were oblivious to my existence. They don't budge. They are like fucking alien creatures. They just kept gazing right past you and not move an inch.

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