Sunday, February 06, 2005

God, I hate getting drunk

Had another one of those nights which I am getting too old for. Started at this really posh bar called Aqua Spirit, the kind of joint where you pay $98 for a martini service not included. It was so dark in there I felt like I was tripping - I nearly did trip too - even before I had my first drink. If you plan on going there remember to bring a flash light. I won't recommend a head torch because I think they have a dress code.

Then went to la Bodega for a bite to eat and on to W's where B had three of these cocktails with lots of mint leaves and rum and I have no idea what else in it. THREE! In the space of under an hour. He is a bit mad like that sometimes. Gets all cocktail crazy. The sleazly looking short guy with a moustache who used to be a Club 64 regular was there. He was wearing a fishing vest. Apparently B had one just like that. I feigned interest as he rambled on and on about I can't really remember what. Anyhow someone booked the place for a private party and so we moved on to Yumla and had more. I got talking to this Chinese woman who was with her Polish boyfriend but I have no memory of what we talked about. Apparently, according to B, I got chatted up by some guy of which I have no recollection of either. I do remember the DJ though, who looks like Richard E. Grant. He was not particularly good. In fact, the music he played was shite. I think it was upon realizing this, that we decided to stumble out of the place and into a taxi.

The whole day today I felt sick and when we were in the cinema watching The Incredibles I got very close to barfing into the popcorn bucket. Then we ate at Pizza Express and did a bit of shopping. As we drove home late in the afternoon I could still feel the alcohol in me and it felt surreal going 120 on the Tolo Harbour Road. It was as if I had lost control over my right foot and my brain wasn't working as it should.

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