Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Oops! I did it again

Listening to Mark Riley's Rocket Science as I wait for an ex-student to turn up. She rang yesterday and said she's bought some Chinese festive coconut pudding for me from some special shop somewhere. She is a very sweet girl. Now working as a supervisor in Starbucks, which she seems to enjoy. But she's late. And I've got a class at half twelve. When she called me yesterday she asked me if I like that stuff and I lied and said well yes of course! I LOVE that sticky sweet pudding stuff. She said, oh I thought you would like them, at least your kids would anyway, kids like sweet stuff right?! I replied ha ha ha, how clever of you... see you tomorrow then.

Anyhow, Mark Riley plays some good songs. Just played something from Teenage Fanclub's Grand Prix (was just talking to B last night about where all our Teenage Fannie CDs have gone) and then Gorky's and now Mercury Rev.

Meanwhile, still trying to work out the exact number of students who've registered for each tutorial group. The stupid banner system (rage! rage! rage!) is obviously NOT up to date. I've signed forms for a few more more students to add to the course but their records are not shown. If the registry can't keep up with the paper forms, then why don't they just bloody scrap them? I recognize incompetence when I see it but I do not understand it.

I'm planning to go home early and either do a long-ish run or a short one up and down the little hill at the end of the park. Since I've signed up for that race now I thought I better take it a bit more seriously and train properly so as not to embarrass myself too much on the day. It's only 11K but it'll be my first race so I hope you can understand that I can't help being a bit nervous about it.

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