Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Morons say moronic things

Last night on the news I watched an amateur video clip of the branch of the wishing tree snapping off and hitting an old geezer on the head. No wonder that tree is dying. The branch that snapped off was so overloaded with oranges you can't even recognize it's a fucking tree no more. The botanist from Hong Kong University said the tree has only got 30% of its life left in it. In human terms that translates into either the ICU or the hospice. They showed footage of botanic looking people measuring the girth of the tree and taking samples of its bark. Then this guy said "... a balance must be struck between the preservation of the tree and the respect for traditional customs...." What. The traditional custom of killing trees by chucking oranges on them?


Jamie said...

It's not even a real orange tree. It's a camphor tree.

Pierre said...

It'll be interesting to find out why oranges are aften used in offerings in Hong Kong. The only reason I could think of is that they last quite a while (in contrast to say like pears or bananas), and so give the gods more time to savour them before they rot. But then why not coconuts? They last much longer.

Jamie said...

I believe it was you yourself who told me that oranges were chosen for their resemblance to balls of gold.

Do kids with G6PD need to stay away from the wishing tree? Huh?