Monday, January 10, 2005

Yes, still procrastinating

Am finding millions of things to play with whilst procrastinating the progress of my paper. It's nearly there... I just need to not think about it too much...

Meanwhile, I've been considering the possibility of investing in a pair of boots. I used to have a pair of calf-high boots, brown, battered, and I used to wear them all the time when I was living in England. After that my second pair were walking boots, used only thrice, now relegated to the back of a closet somewhere, but has probably disintergrated due to neglect.

I have long adhered to the belief that it is ridiculous to wear boots in Hong Kong, given that it is only cold enough for such footwear about 3 out of every 365 days. As I write, I am mildly shocked by how, up to now, I've let practical matters, such as potential over-heating and conditions such as athlete's foot override the logic of fashion and aesthetics. Very silly of me.

Given my ripe old age it is probably not appropriate for me to get a pair of 12-hole DMs. Ideally I'd like a pair of knee high boots I could wear a skirt with. Hmmmm... nice. Has to be smart but not too pointy, shapely but not too whorish, chunky yet not too butch.

I love thinking about stuff like this. Really engages the mind, like.

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