Sunday, January 23, 2005

Three unrelated things

1. Slept till ten today and then went for a walk up Cloudy Hill with B and the monkeys. It is sad to see all the litter up there. I had an urge to bring a bin liner and get up there and clear up as much of it as I could. It is feasible and will only take up a few hours of my time. Everyday. But what can I actually do to stop people from littering? That's the hard part. I'll have to get really worked up about it to devise a plan. Like, umm, ambushing litter-ers and threaten to call a cop to get up there to give them an on-the-spot $1,500 fine, or something like that? Do send in your ideas.

2. Went to Oliva's for lunch and that rigatoni in creamy pumpkin sauce was so rich and tasty I think I overate. When we got home B was exhausted and after flicking the box on for the boys, I slept for two hours myself. Does that count as leaving minors unattended? Will I qualify for prison sentence if caught? Send me your thoughts.

3. Had bizarre dreams, as one does sleeping on a full stomach in the middle of the day. Woke up hungry which is even more bizarre. Went in search for cookies but all had been scoffed. Proceed to make cookies as one does. As I was weighing up the sugar, a loud POP came from the microwave - the stupid butter has exploded! Okay, Delia never recommended softening your butter this way and I didn't exactly cover it with clingfilm. But this is what I've always done! Is that so wrong? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to clean a microwave covered in liquid butter? It is bloody difficult, I can tell you.

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