Monday, January 03, 2005

The smell of pot noodles - yum yum

On the plane back from the UK yesterday, I discovered that the smell of pot noodles, normally so enticing and yummy, actually smells the same as something rather less, er, tasty.

My younger son J was fast asleep next to me as I watched Little Britain, when all of a sudden the unmistakable aroma of hot wee hit me. My first thought was that J must have pissed in his pants, since he didn't go to the toilet before falling asleep. I frantically checked his pants and his seat, but they were dry. Then I checked my other sleeping son's pants, and seat, again both were dry. Was going to check husband too, but couldn't be bothered. Then I checked myself. Dry too.

The smell did not go away and was definitely HOT wee instead of just any old wee. I turned round and looked to check if any of my fellow passenges might look like they have just pissed themselves. Turns out the smell was from a little girl sitting behind us, slurping away at her cup noodles.

Man, I still couldn't get over it.

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