Friday, January 14, 2005

Bamboo poles, crashing bores

Extension works at the university seems to have been going on forever. I still remember Dec 2003 when we had the HKSA conference whilst all the piling was going on and during presentations the screen shoke so much no one could see the powerpoint slides and the presenters would have to keep pausing...

I sat in the near empty canteen this morning and could see that the community college building is nearly completed. The thing looks pretty damn big, actually. I felt a sudden rush of excitement as I looked at it properly for the first time, thinking about all the extra space there will be for students to roam around in. Obviously I can't see myself hanging out in there since I never hung out anywhere apart from my office. And the pantry. And the loo.

Yes, I don't even hang out in the library. I did pay a visit today, since that Hakim book I took out two months and 14 days ago really needs to be returned. I paid the $32 fine and took out a whole bunch of books for the Sports course. Mostly books I'd already looked at last year, but which I'd forgotten what they were about.

The library extension is a vertical one. They've managed to pile on two more levels and today the scaffoldings were coming off. It was done in the usual HK style where workers would untie the nylon binding up on the scaffolding and drop them to workers on the ground level. It created a lot of noise. I'm talking about at least a couple of hundred 30 ft long bamboo poles being slapped onto the ground. I wish I had my camera with me, but it's still in the post cos B's left it at the Lakes. You'll just have to take my word for it - it's quite a sight.

Am faffing around with my iPod tonight. Loading Morrissey's latest at the moment. He's singing "ooohh ooohhh... the world is full of crashing bores...." in his exquisite voice. I was going to write something about bores the other day, actually... I was with an extremely boring person for a whole evening you see. But I felt perhaps I was being uncharitable. Bores are not sinners, few are out to get you. They do cause pain, but only if you are not quick witted enough to drum up an excuse to leave. Only if you aren't creative enough to turn them into your own entertainment. Only if you can't be arsed, and expect to be entertained.

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