Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Alternative therapy

Still not fully recovered from my cold. As I now sit at my desk marking term papers (if "marking" can be the right word at all - piss poor that most of them are, if I actually had to read through the lot to mark them, they will all get nought), feeling the sun on my face, I try to visualize myself getting and feeling better. What I do is I imagine the essence of all the gunk in my lungs and in my sinuses being directed by the warm sun up towards the top of my head, and channelled through will-power and solar energy, up into deep space, where it stays.

It sucks that I still feel unwell. It really does. I went to bed at half nine last night but it was one of those nights where you keep waking up from some freakish dream featuring your best friend and a dog, or thinking that you had just been talking to a dead person on the phone or some such. I had a full ten hour sleep but I still feel like all energy has been drained from me this morning. I'd like to be able to run tonight. Haven't had a proper run since Sunday, where I did a pathetic 4K along the cycling path to and from the rowing centre. It was scorching hot and I felt like there was a huge stone pressed against my chest the whole time.

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