Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Kadoorie Farm and Chinese veggie meal

On Sunday we met up with visitors Peter and Dorte-lis, brought them to our place, hung out, and when for a walk with the kids in Kadoorie Farm . I've been there many times before. It's nice to walk up on a coolish day, where the air feels fresh and it gets a bit misty up on the hill. The vegetation is lush and the ferns grow big. The pigs were hiding and Pui Pui looks small.

In the evening we went to Kung Tak Lam for a vegetarian Shanghainese meal. The food was very good, as usual. I was most impressed by the dish of sweet and sour "pork", where they managed to make the "pork" actually taste and have the texture of fatty pork.

Chinese vegetarian restaurants are interesting because their menus often feature dishes which read "pork" "beef" "chicken" "duck". Everything is made of flour dough, wheat gluten, soya bean products like tofu and bean curd sheets, but they are all made to look and taste like meat. Only actual vegetables manage to retain their genuine looks. I wonder what Umberto Eco will have to say about this.

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