Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hey dude, where's my phone?

Haven't seen such a delightful sight in the MTR in a very long time!

Last night on our way home from Dublin Jack's, someone's phone starting ringing. A middle aged couple near where we were standing started fumbling around their pockets and bags; they were giving one another full body searchers, with the clothes on. The phone kept on ringing and they kept on fumbling. Then the ringing stopped. One minute later it started ringing again and they started searching for the phone yet again and still no phone could be found. Everyone was watching this live comedy sketch with great delight. The whole thing carried on for at least 10 minutes when finally a woman sitting opposite them offered to search through the bag of the woman to whom the suspected but invisible phone belonged. Turned out the phone was trapped inside the lining of the woman's handbag. Everyone in the whole carriage had smiles on their faces and it was a real joy to behold, a sight so rare.

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