Friday, November 19, 2004

Extremely offensive utterance


Just got a juicy bit of work gossip here. An instructor had apparently said to a room of 108 students that "HK's public housing policy is economically unjust. Look at the public housing estate right next to our university. Look at all those people living there, who do nothing but have dim sum and sit around in restaurants and cafes from morning till night. Doing nothing. Of course it is wrong that the government should carry on building these cheap housing, subsidizing these lazy, I mean economically unproductive, people."

Poor chap. Little did he know that 50% of Hong Kong's population dwell in public housing. Apparently the jaws of students dropped in disbelieve. He said with great regret later, "I wouldn't have said it if I had known so many of them live in public housing!" Well of course you won't, stupid. That should teach you to watch your utterances. Being PC is not just about what you know or not know, or what you think is right or wrong. It's about being smart in assessing what may or may not be offensive to people. It's about being "nice".

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