Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sat through 90 minutes of "the frog and the princess" today.

There was this kid 9 years old or so I'd think, and his little sister, who were two rows away from us. Stupid kid laughed out REALLY loud at fucking nothing all the time. REALLY forced kind of laugh or so it sounded to my ears. And his little sis started to fucking copy his stoopid laugh as well. I wanted to walk over to punch him in the face. His mom, oh yeah, his mum, was sitting one row in front of him. As well. It's a stoopid disney film which should never have reached the cinemas (mind you it was full house today), and even though there were some marginally laugh out loud funny bits, the kid was not laughing at any of those moments.

So, as I was raging and stuffing pop corn into my gob, I fantasized about how I'd walk up to the kid and his mom and give them a good talking to. Maybe pour coke over their heads. Yet on the other hand, I thought maybe he has some kind of condition that might've somehow explain this curiously annoying craziness.

And so my mind drifted as described above, whilst on the big screen, humans turned into frogs, frogs into humans, et cetera.


Anonymous said...

It's quite a disappointment. Nothing like the sun. For all you know, St Louis is watching. Whom you did swallow.

krntsng said...

I seriously miss your blog posts. Will you ever make a comeback?