Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's that time of the year again, end of term, except that I'll be teaching summer school so June will be busy if not busier.

Went to students' graduation dinner last night and this is my second time after 11 years of working in this place. Last time it was held at a hotel, and this time in Asia-Expo or whatever that big hanger place is called next to the airport. Bit of a surreal experience. Not so much because of the size of the place, but the various 'ceremonies' and 'rituals' that took place before we were finally fed.

First off, the MCs, there were six. All girlos. All dressed up in shiny nylon and satin and lace and flowers in their hair, shoes too tight with heels too high. I couldn't take my eyes off one of them because the neckline of her blue velvet dress leads down to her belly button (okay me exaggerating a bit - maybe down to the point where the lowest ribs are). And she had created for herself an impressive cleavage to boot, seemingly with no help from conventional bras. What the hell? We had esteemed members of society amongst us. Legco and Exco members, Head of this or that commission, lawyers, vice-chancellors, and me! Do we really need to see that much boob?

The next surreal event was when everyone was asked to stand up whilst our esteemed guests enter the hall. Music was played, red carpet rolled out, someone holding a big flag leading the entrance. I had my arms folded across my chest and my back facing the entrance. I was wearing jeans. The blisters on my pinky toe were hurting. Trying hard to suppress the urge to fart.

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krntsng said...

And this is why I read your blog.