Thursday, September 11, 2008

New additions to the home over the past couple of weeks include 42 inch flat screen, HD top box, iPod nano, three book cases, two seating units, and an indoor bike trainer.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I suffer from a mild case of control freakiness. As continuous self-improvement is my motto, I am determined to do whatever it takes to alleviate my condition.

The rearranging of furniture and the need to de-clutter necessitated by the arrival of new items revealed how ridiculously dusty the rooms were. This let me briefly to lament the incompetence of our domestic helper and my inability to manage her plus a list of my various other character defects.

On a brighter note, the indoor bike trainer thing on has made B visibly happy. It is a small contraption that you attach your bike onto, afterwhich you can use it like a spinning bike. I had a go couple of days ago and it works pretty good, apart from all the faffing required to put it up the first time. I am inspired by B's seemingly rapid weight loss and increase in fitness level to use it regularly.

Been watching The Tudors a bit, highly addictive and some very good acting, but I hate having constantly to think "wait a minute... did that really happen? Why isn't Henry fat and ugly? Why did the French speak such good English?" and then proceed to compulsively google the life of Henry VIII or sneak into my son's room to fetch his copy of Dead Famous - Henry VIII. The costumes are super fab, though. Some really amazing fabrics they use there.

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