Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Only been in my new capacity as deputy tool for two weeks and I think I am already deep in Dilbertdo.m And like everyone else who recognizes that they are deep in the land of the Dil, I suddenly find myself much more efficient and much less stupid than everyone else. Anyhow, I'm more amused and intrigued than anything else. I mean, how do organizations get things done? With so much mediocrity and passivity and reluctance to change, it is no wonder so little gets done.

I am also reluctant to change, as I have refused to have my new title added to my name card and to my door. I'm not in denial, more like, I'm strangely embarrassed by this new responsibility. It really is strange. Everyone congratulates me, but we all know this is not quite the same as congratulations you won the lottery.

On a happier note, J ran with me out to the last bridge for the second time. It's about 5 or 6K in all, which is not bad going. He was visibly stronger the first time we did this because tonight he kept flopping his arms and head and saying he's hungry.

And we went to see Narnia: Prince Caspian over the weekend. Very impressed! Towards the somewhat happy ending, a Miley Cyrus type Disney voice sang a ballet type song, at which point I asked O if he enjoyed the film, and he said (loudly) "This is a great film if not for this terrible song which kinda spoiled it!"

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