Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And so I sent off the manuscript to the publisher today yay yay! Ahead of schedule also, by, like, five hours. Was working till half two last night and up at eight this morning, so I went home for a nap.

Been getting really confused by the various clocks and watches I've got and woke up dazed and confused. Well, we used to have several (about 4 or 5 I think) of these Ikea cheapo plastic alarm clocks, at $29 a piece. They worked really well until a while ago when one by one slowly but surely, they start to not work anymore. In one of them, the minute hand has refused to move forward, or only do so very erratically. So that's out of the window. Another one started showing times of different time zones and I thought it was spooked and threw it out. Then my son told me he's been turning the dial at the back 'for fun'. Of course! And then the one that I had next to my bed, the freaking second hand started going BACKWARDS! Now that is truly spooky, I had to toss it in the bin.

I also have another clock we put in the living room above the telly; got that for $9.90 from PnS a few months ago. I can't tell if it is working properly as no one has ever bothered to see if the times on our various computers, phones, fax machines, microwave oven, etc. are properly synchronized.

I have three watches and they all have different times. Okay. My fault I know, but two of them are digital watches and I HATE figuring out how to change the times on those buggers.

And then there is this cool looking little alarm clock which I bought last week. It's pretty cheap, $59 - bought it is a newly opened store in a little alley way near the pub. For the first few days, I swear it was going slower than it should. So I adjusted it. Then I woke up one morning and the time on it says 7am - an ungodly hour - so of course I went back to bed. Three minutes later I heard my watch go beep beep beep - so I looked at it, it's 8am! Now why the hell would this brand new clock go back by a full hour????? spooked??? I was. A little.

So reset it again. And after eight hours it seems to be going FASTER than all the other time pieces in my ownership and it's driving me nuts. Guess time is not on my side and I should just chuck them all out once and for all.

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