Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Today I'm "working from home", doing basically the same stuff as I would be doing if I had trekked out to the office. This primarily to save on petrol. Last week I went to fill up my one-notch-before-completely-empty tank and it cost over $72x even after the discount! I couldn't quite believe it. I normally go to the petrol station every 7 to 10 days or so. My last visit prior to this, with the red "EMPTY!" light on, cost me $73x or so. Now with still a notch to go and it was already
$72x? What the hell? I couldn't quite believe it.

So I said to the attendant, obviously upset: "?????? ??????? huh? huh??"
She just smiled and said "Oh, dadadadadadadada....dadadadadad! Hehheh!"

She must have thought me a complete imbecile as petrol prices have gone up more than a month ago, she told me with a massive grin. I couldn't really be bothered to check when exactly did prices go up and when exactly I last had my car filled up and how much it had cost then, exactly.

It is not about rationality, facts and reality. What really mattered was that I felt I was robbed!

As a result, I am not postponing my next trip to the petrol station as much as I can, but not using the car, by not going to the office. So in that regard, it is all pretty rational.

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