Thursday, January 03, 2008

Seem to have consumed vast amounts of wine over the past two weeks. A dozen and a half bottles of wine have been polished off under this roof, plus whisky and beer and endless cups of tea. An 18 lb turkey, 16 oz rib eye steaks, one leg of lamb, one free range chicken and what must have been a ton of roast potatoes. Oh. And the mandatory token salad which no one touches!

Not surprisingly, my system did not cope too well with all this gorging and lack of exercise, and things are only only slowly regaining normalcy, you know, as "the system" goes.


What do you all think of the HDTV thing? I am still puzzling over this, as there really is shite all to watch on tv here in HK. Does watching Dolce Vita in high definition makes you less want to hang yourself? Would it make costume dramas on Pearl more "realistic"? What is even more intriging is that on the local news last night there was a report on how you can watch HDTV on your computer whilst you are sitting in a Park in Shek Kip Mei!! It is truely fascinating. As in why would anyone want to do that UNLESS THEY ARE TRUELY FRIGGIN INSANE kinda fascinating.

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