Thursday, December 06, 2007

On Sunday night I wrapped two presents, very nicely, complete with ribbon and bobble and gift tag and all. Then I asked our helper Monday morning to go to the post office, buy two padded envelops, and post them for me.

So on Monday night, we were just chit chatting in the kitchen when she did a quick change of subject and said Oh, by the way, the cost for those two parcels was 3x each. So I said, oh really? That's pretty cheap! She said Yes, the change is on the table, ma'm. Then she said

It was very strange at the post office, I asked the man to give me the envelops, then he said no need, just send it like this is okay.

I went WHAT???

Yes ma'm, I insisted, I pointed to the padded envelops, and said, I want those, but he said no, it's okay to send them just like this!

...... (me speechless)

So the man, it was an old man, he even stuck the address on by himself (I had written the addresses on post-its) with sticky tape, and he said it's okay!

But... but.... but no one sends presents like that! It is not going to survive! The wrapping paper is very flimsy! It's only from Ikea!

Yes ma'm, I know... but he said it's okay! I stuck the stamps on....

But.... But... (I think I have raised my voice quite a bit by now) but... what about the bobble? what about the gift tag??? what did you do with them??? NO ONE SENDS A PRESENT THROUGH THE POST WITHOUT PUTTING IT IN ANOTHER ENVELOP FIRST!!!!! NO ONE DOES THAT!

(I think by then, I was starting to scare her. I must have looked pretty hysterical)

Yes ma'm... the tag was just there.... Me: DANGLING??? Yes ma'm.... I THINK I'M GOING TO FAINT!!!!! I'm sorry about this ma'm. I should have called you first.



So, dear readers, what the fuck did you think happened??? I have not got a fucking clue. Was the postie insane or what? Was our helper insane? Was I insane?

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krntsng said...

First and foremost, I think the postie really shoulda known better, especially if it was going international.

I really wouldn't blame the helper because 1) maybe she thought you'd be pleased to know it was much cheaper 2)the postie oughtta know what s/he's doing right 3) it's just better being mad at someone you don't know so it doesn't sour the relationship

As for you... haha... well, without your outbursts your blog wouldn't be as entertaining. Tough.