Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Great ideas for Christmas!

And so, I have finally bought a US version Wii. I've only played with it once (really just to check that it works okay) and it will not re-emerge from the box until Christmas. I'll probably get a few more games as well.

This is the Christmas present that I am getting "for the kids", you see. This is a good one. This getting presents for people which are really intended for yourself to use thing.

Someone told me that she bought an apartment for her husband's birthday. That's right, she paid the down payment and he pays the mortgage for the next twenty years. Likewise, a friend said her husband is buying an iMac for her birthday. That's right! The iMac that he will also be using and was going to buy anyway!

Speaking of games, I degenerated into a pretty pathetic state on neopets last night as I waited for the bread to rise. Needless to say, neopia is obviously not designed with adults in mind but nevertheless this did not stop me from spending five hours there. So what's my bloody excuse? My six year old was sick yesterday and so being the good parent that I am, I thought I'd better check in on his neopets to make sure they're okay. After feeding them, chatting to their petpets, I thought I'd better play a few games to earn some neopoints whilst I'm at it. Then I thought I might as well buy some new toys and books for his pets! After that I investigated various plots of land on which to build a home for the pets. And before I knew it, it's three in the morning!

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