Monday, November 26, 2007

Am meeting with the publisher this week to discuss the details of my book proposal. I said I will send them a couple of draft pieces before the meeting so they have some idea what Ihave in mind. Pieces that were yet to be written, you see. So, over the weekend I've been half-heartedly writing it, half-hearted because the pinyin really gets in the way and it is frustrating to find myself spending more time looking up a dictionary than doing any actual typing.

Nevertheless, being the optimistc that I am, and despite having only written 1,000 words in 48 hours, I believe my pinyin typing is coming along slowly but surely. For most commonly used characters, I do a pretty good job of remembering and guessing what their pinyin is.

On an unrelated note, son number 2, age 6 and a half, has been sick and was off school for a whole week, during which time he seemed to have matured a great deal. Could it be that being in school actually impedes his development?

During the past week:

1. He picked up Clive King' Stig of the Dump, read half of it in two hours, and said he likes it!

2. He poignantly proclaimed that Sunday School is "for babies", because "they only do colouring and sticking pictures on a worksheet and singing stupid songs but don't talk about God or Jesus"!

3. He can spell "inter-dimensionality" !

4. He declared that computer games are addictive and therefore should only be played only in moderation!

5. He acknowledges me as the most wonderful mother in the whole universe !

Son number one,our control group, has not really changed much at all.  Still messy, still whooshing, still crazy about the Ramones.  Still after my leather jacket!

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