Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wouldn't it be nice

I am jealous of Fat Boy, who not only can still easily pass as 35, but has the good fortune of having taught people like me, who remembers his birthday and goes through all the trouble of organizing a birthday do for him.

Okay except that it wasn't exactly me who did the organizing but I trust that you know what I mean, I kinda hope! So, people like me but not me booked a really nice little place on Old Bailey Street, Rubber Soul blasting, the booze flowing (they even have Newcastle Brown ale!!! How thoughtful), the cheese running, the candles flickering, the satays dripping etc.... I was so jealous. Fat Boy was my professor at uni and has just turned 50.

Even his yoga teacher showed up! Talk about pulling power!

At the party I had a good chat with fellow worker in the field A, who also lives in Taipo, and on the way back we talked about stuff we could possibly work on together, real important things like, you know, applying for a massive grant and the like. A project on love, relationships and sexuality amongst teenagers or something along those lines. She's got pre-schooler daughter and was telling me about parenting classes she went to, supernanny style. She said she found it all very disturbing. The kind of behavioural approach pavlov's dog stylee and all. I said, well, three year olds are not that different from dogs, are they? She didn't respond to that one (oops!) and I couldn't quite suss out if she was offended.

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