Friday, September 07, 2007

My work, plus random thoughts about some dog owners

So term has started this week and I had my lectures today. Since I have asked for a heavier teaching load this term so I could have more time to write next term, schedule now is prettey horrendous. Today I gave two two-hour lectures, and my throat hurts now. I need to learn how not to speak loud. Much as I hate microphones I think I might want to start getting used to them.

My revised paper, which I worked on over the summer, is accepted, which is good. The other paper, which I sent off back in March, was rejected, which is bad. I'm not sure what to do with it now. Spend more time and straighten it out or re-write altogther from a different angle or bin it altogether?

I'm feeling quite positive about next term. With only one-third of a course to teach, I should be very productive. Produce, produce, produce@!!!!!!! UP that PRODUCTIVITY@!!!!!!!

My job is not that different from Dilbert's, really.


Here's an idea for an cultural anthropology/sociology thesis:

What do you think about dog owners who wipe their dogs' bums after they've pooped? It can be a challenging sight. The first time I saw it, I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. I've seen it often enough now to not to be bothered by it so much. But I still find it a bit disturbing. If you ask these people, I'm sure they could give you very good reasons for doing so, though.

Or could they?

I mean, will YOU bend down to wipe your dog's arse with you bare hands (via the medium of a tempo tissue paper)?

Are these the same dog owners that make their pets wear wooly hats and jumpsuits?

Does Paris Hilton wipes her chihuahuas' bums?

I'm thinking of dog owners I know now. Most of them would happily let their dogs lie around on their sofas, sleep on their beds, sit in front of the telly whilst toddlers hug them and poke them with their chubby little fingers. But I've never seen them the least bit concerned about the state of their dogs' bums. And these are real countryside people - sheep farming territory, mad cow's, foot and mouth and all that.

Now most Hong Kong dogs don't go around roaming in sheep shit or chasing rabbits. Most of the time these dogs stay indoors for the good part of most days. Is that why owners are so paranoid about cleanliness?

Are these the same people who tuck flannels under the back of their kids' shirts to "absorb the sweat"? Are these the same people who run after the kids shouting "come here! you so sweaty! look at you! let me mop your forehead with this flannel!" ... cos the sweat is so contaminating it has to be eliminated at all cost?


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