Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm going to ask my dept head if he will support me for an application for promotion this year. Promotion, in my trade, really means "retitlement". I will also ask if he will support my application for a salary increment, which entails the filling in of a separate form.

I never thought I wanted a "promotion". I mean, seriously. If there are not monetary implications, why bother to fill in all those forms and write essays to "demonstrate" how I deserve one? And frankly, who fucking cares whether my title is this or that? So, the reason I want to do it this time, is that I am sitting on some pretty senior committees in which I feel totally out of place and I'd like to think that a bigger job title will help me feel better.

My guess is, boss will probably say yes to the increment but no to the promotion. But if he says no to my promotion this year, he'd probably say yes to it next year.

Anyhow, work, paid work, is endless, is endlessly, is endlessly fascinating. Innit.

In three weeks I have to give a "keynote" speech at a feminist event. I am quite excited by this. Firstly, excited by the fact that I was asked to speak, and secondly, thinking about the speech itself has really set my mind going places. These places are a little bit scary but also the kind of places that makes you feel alive, if you know what I mean.

Been watching this show on BBC Entertainment called Jane Hall's Big Bad Bus Ride, which is particularly interesting and relevant to me in a very personal way. Cos I once wanted to be a double decker driver. I thought that would be the coolest job in the world. In fact I still think it is. One of the coolest, anyway.

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