Friday, August 17, 2007

A very pretty young woman, early twenties, slim, tall, bright eyes, fresh faced, riding the MTR with her boyfriend. A lame looking, spotty,be-spectacled, greasy haired young man. She was touching his forearm and his hair lovingly as she yaps away:

... I was at the bottom of the escalator ah, I looked up ah, I didn't even have to walk up ah, I just stood there ah, and she was nearly at the top ah, I COULD SEE HER UNDERPANTS AH!!!! You say yau mo gau chor...


... Her skirt was so short ah, and the material was so stiff ah, I didn't have to try and look ah, I just looked up ah, I COULD SEE HER UNDERPANTS AH! Lay sai po!!!


... Why bother wearing a skirt jet, might as well not wear lah, if it is so short! I COULD SEE HER UNDERPANTS AHH! These people ah, have no shame ga!!


.... Everyone on the escalator, they just have to look up and EVERYONE COULD SEE! Don't understand how her parents could let her go out like that! CHI SIN GA!!!

Her man was not completely silent the whole time, he murmured something in response to every sentence she said, but I couldn't hear what it was. Maybe he was telling her to shut the fuck up.

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Anonymous said...

If it is illegal for anyone to take photographs up womens skirts, ergo, it should be illegal for women to flash like that.

Actually, why do women wear clothes that cripple them.

High heels - can they walk?

Tight skirts - short steps.

Short skirts - can't sit withought tangling their legs, or always having one hand between their knees, or the TVB system, grab a cushion and hold it tight.

Tops that need a hand held across the throat everytime they bend over, incase they flash their bra.

Long nails - how can they pick anything up?

And the great fashion faux pas that I see all the time in Hong Kong, a nice skirt, with a lining that's an inch or two short. Stupid.

And don't get me started about a nice outfit, with a great white label giving the washing instructions hanging out.!

I nearly forgot, makeup! Are you all ugly and cannot show your real faces?

Women, you are all crazy.

Moi? A misogynist? No