Friday, August 24, 2007

On Wednesday I went up the hill for the first time in many months. The heat wasn't quite as murderous as it could have been as it was overcast, but it was still hot and very humid. I only managed up to the trig point and decided to turn back down. All day yesterday my ass was killing me.

My sore ass was a perfect excuse for me to not go into the office. Also I had a meeting in the afternoon with a publisher and an author whom I kinda knew. He's written a book and asked me to have a "dialogue" with him on the subject. Said dialogue would be transcribed and edited and will be used as an introduction to that part of the book. The publisher is quite a decent one in Hong Kong as Chinese langauge publishing goes. They were both trying to persuade me to write a book on Hong Kong women, saying that it will sell buckets, as there is nothing of the sort on the market. Nothing light-hearted yet intellectual, poignant yet humourous, were their words. So, I was like, me? And they were like, yeah, you! I couldn't quite believe the flattery they were dishing out.

I told them I am not adverse to the idea but writing in Chinese poses a bit of a challenge. I used to be part of a gang that writes a newspaper column and it just about killed me. My Chinese is not that bad but very, very rusty. The fact that I do not know how to use Chinese input makes it even worse. But I also found that once I get going, the words come out much easier than I thought. Maybe it's not such a far fetched idea, afterall.


Jamie said...

It's interesting how peole use a whole range of different muscles for hill climbing. My ass doesn't hurt from going up hill- it's my quads and stomach that feels the strain. My ass hurts when I do flat sprints.

I guess runners can very broadly be divided into "pushers" and "pullers". The former push off with glutes and hamstrings. The latter lift with quads and core.


Eh-choo mui mui. said...

you two even have reciprocal muscle soreness. such a cute couple. :P

Anonymous said...

That's awesome - you should definitely take the publisher up on their offer!