Thursday, July 12, 2007

This was my second time to Cebu, stayed much longer this time. When on holiday at a tropical island resort, much as I love doing bugger all all day every day, I cannot help but indulge the mind with utterly useless and sweepingly untrue generalizations such as the followings:

1. The Philippines is a very fucked up country much like many others

2. A high proportion of Korean female holiday makers like to swim with their sun visors on - no easy feat!

3. Cantopopping mothers are distinctive in how much they fuss over their overweight be-spectacled brats over the breakfast buffet; I reckon this is some kind of fucked up slave mentality and I made a mental note adding it to my list of things to deconstruct

4. The guilt from enjoying my stay at a 5-star place like that kills me so much I'm not sure it's worth doing it again ever

5. Getting sunburnt really fucking hurts like shit no amount of cold beer can take the pain away

Random sightings, which are unusual for a country bumpkin like me, include:

A couple filming themselves having a candle-lit dinner, using a digital videocamera carefully positioned on a tripod.

Cantopopping men, holidaying with their wives and kids, stood about on the beach like dumbass fourteen year olds, oogling at average-looking big-breasted blond white female, giggling nervously and very loudly, sipping their cans of San Miguel while flicking ashes of their Marlboro lights unnecessarily frequently.

Kim chi served at an expensive Italian restaurant, obviously to cater for the large number of Korean tourists. I love kim chi. I wonder what the chef thinks about this minor compromise to his craft.

Man. It's exhausting. I need to think less.

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