Sunday, July 01, 2007

So, why didn't I do anything today?

Oh. Yes. Right. It's Saturday.

I didn't do anything yesterday, either. Why's that?

Oh. Friday. Right. Day before Saturday, last class on Thursday, so Friday's a rest day, obviously.

Sorry. I'm afraid this is something I'll never grow out of. Or will I? Only the Almighty knows.

Actually, that is not quite true. This morning I went to the pool with my son with the giant noodle that I bought for him yesterday. Twenty minutes later the thunder storm warning came in and the hardworking and dedicated lifeguards chased us out promptly.

Watched a whole load of tennis, made bread, yelled at the kids, then when the rain stopped, forced O to go out on his bike and forced J to go out for a walk with me.

J was most reluctant. I told him: "You either walk to the waterfront park with me or we walk up that hill - the choice is yours". Once we were out, he seemed to cheer up a bit. So much so that even when the rain started to come down again, he didn't whine. On the contrary, he insisted that we kept walking. No. Hey. Let's run! Er.... okay.... right... if you really wanna. Yes! Let's run to the next bridge! It'd be fun!

So there we were, completely soaked, me still wearing my glasses, running in the rain, stopping every now and then to do our flying kicks and karate chops.

Poor kid got carried away and slipped, landed smack right on his bum during one of his moves, but he was too excited to cry.

Too excited to cry.

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