Monday, June 25, 2007

More fine dining in Taipo

Taipo is a real town full of hidden little gems. Last night we ate at an Italian restaurant by the name of Lanciano . It is on Yan Hing Street, off Pak Shing Street, in Taipo Old Market. It is, quite literally, the middle of nowhere.

Yan Hing Street is lined with five storey high sleepy buildings. We walked past a paper and soda cans recycling pick up point, a few garages, stores selling ice lollies and cold drinks manned by wrinkly old folk, a brightly lit Thai restaurant, a cart noodle place. And then there is Lanciano, with a small sit out area, dark furniture, waiting staff all dressed in black. Apparently the chef/owner used to work in Cova and Baci.

The portions were HUGE - the osso bucco was about the size of my head. I only managed half of it and they were happy to doggy bag it for us. B had a rocket salad topped with parmesean shavings which was fresh and tastily dressed - the amount of rocket in it is enough for three rocket salads should you order something similar in Italian restaurants TST or Central.

My shrimp and romaine lettuce salad was dressed in orange and sweet mustard and was massive as well. B had steak and foie gras - okay not very Italian but the foie gras was, again, HUGE and cooked just right. J had lasagne which has a very good but strange enough not overly rich cheese sauce on top. O had a steak as well which was, yes you guessed it, MASSIVE. Even in the dim light we could see how pink and tender it was inside. He couldn't finish it either, and we bagged that as well.

Finished off with gelato for the kids and an apple tart for B. All that, with a bottle of $270 Montepulciano d'Abruzzio, came to $12xx (10% service included).

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