Friday, June 22, 2007

Career planning

Last night I was in the clubhouse with my son making up quizzes. Next to us was a table of fellow residents, three women.

A: It is no good to be doctors now ga la

B: It has stable income wor, has guarantee wor

C: Yes, doctors, musician, lawyers

B: Musicians not so good, how many Lang Lang or Yundi Li are there? Very hard work. Even with talent, still very hard work.

A: No use ga la, nowdays doctors get very low pay, work very long hours, I always say, if you son becomes a doctor he will have no family life. You will never see him.

B: But income still good, better than working in sales or need to go to the mainland and need to eat D I don't know what all the time la!

C: Yes ar, at least will stay in Hong Kong ma.

A: No ga la, you know, nowadays many operations are performed by robotic hands, diagnosis can be done on-line, doctors are obsolete ga la!

C: How about psychiatry? That must be good right?

B: Yes, many people with mental problems nowadays. Many abnormal people.

A: But do you want your son to deal with crazy people all day? You don't want ma.

B: That's true.

A: CPA is best, always in demand, stable income. A professional job.

C: (laugh) I know, you are an accountant ma! Of course you will say that la!

B: Not everyone can be so careful and meticulous wor. My girl is so careless.

A: No one can be perfect ga la, choosing a career that is secure, safe, and suitable for your children, is not easy.

B: That's true. It's getting harder and harder.

C: My kid likes sports but there is no future in sports in Hong Kong.

A: And the career is very short, but of course if you can become very famous then after you retire you can still do advertising and get lots of money.

C: Yes, that is good.

Then the kids came out from the playroom to join their mommies. They look the same age as my son - around five to six years old. Shoeless and crayons in hands.

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